Delivery - FPT Store

1. GIFTPAR agrees to comply with the purchase order within a maximum period of 30 days from the first working day following receipt of payment of the order.

2. Products available at the GIFTPAR warehouse are delivered with the fulfillment of the following terms:
a) Within the national territory, within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of payment by GIFTPAR;
b) For other countries in South America, within thirty (30) working days after receipt of payment by GIFTPAR;

3. Deliveries are made Monday through Friday during office hours (08:00 to 18:00), by a shipping company specializing in packaging provided by GIFTPAR, to the address provided by the user at the time of purchase.

4. 4. Delivery terms declared by GIFTPAR refer to the products available in their warehouses and do not constitute an obligation for GIFTPAR, which can confirm or modify them according to its needs.

5. GIFTPAR will issue invoices on the date of shipment of the products.

5.1 Products will be properly packaged and delivered by the shipping company chosen by GIFTPAR to the address specified by the user when sending the purchase order, ONLY AFTER CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT.

5.2 Freight costs, which are mentioned in the email with the summary of the order and invoice sent to the user after purchase, will be calculated based on the weight of the goods or based on the weight/volume ratio and place of delivery of the products.

6. Upon receipt of the products, the user must immediately certify that they correspond in amount and other issues with the products ordered.

7. In case of error between the products delivered and the products ordered, the user may exercise its right to terminate the contract with the amounts reimbursed or exchange the products according to the Terms of Returns and Exchanges in the link.